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Welcome! or is a new media culture and free media channel...
we filter the best out for you, using social media as the source of our media content

we crawleed the web for high quality content in the means of arts, science and goodness. the internet is a big gift to humanity fusioning media (telephone, tv, radio, books, video, audio etc.).

here and now we have ACCESS to each piece of media in form of data, created in human history.
let´s use it as wise as we can!

It´s a revolution: At least since the 15th century, when the press of book was invented, the idea of sharing media with the people was born. The internet brings this idea potentially to the maximum, by providing all videos, movies, documentaries, music, books, magazines etc. - media - that was created in the TV era, the radio era, the press in human history.
making access independent of time and location possible.

it´s difficult to find the jewels out of the masses, worlds culture gidden in the dschungles of the cyberspace

since spam and low-quality content is building the majority of content in the web, our goal is it to bring you in touch with alternative non-mainstream content, in order to inspire you to get in touch wih new ideas and perspectives. Enjoy our Link-Seleytion to the depths of the web, watching our recommended Movies TV Music TV Lectures Radio Music Radio Audiobooks...Have fun and stay tuned!

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